Talk Title: Freaking Out at 50: How my fears turned to fortune

Recently named “Best Blogger of 2015” by Huffington Post for her articles focusing on positive aging, Barbara Hannah Grufferman is also an inspirational host for AARP ‘s popular web series: “The Best of Everything.” She is author of “The Best of Everything After 50: The Experts’ Guide to Style, Sex, Health, Money and More” and a nationally recognized expert on positive and healthy aging. Her next book will be published by National Geographic in 2017. Grufferman writes a highly regarded front-page column for Huffington Post, a weekly column for AARP, is the ‘Positive Living Expert’ for GLOW Health & Wellness Magazine, and is Bone Health Ambassador for the National Osteoporosis Foundation, as well as a trustee. Barbara is proud to be the national spokesperson for Red Heart Yarns and Always Discreet. She is a frequent guest on national and local radio and television shows. Her message to audiences is simple: “We can’t control getting older . . . but . . . we can control how we do it.”




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  • By: Therese

    Is it possible to get a replay of Barbara Hanna Grufferman interview as I only heard 1/2 of it unfortunatly. I might be interested in buying the summit but I want to hear a bit more to see if there is value in it for me first. Thanks a lot if you could help me with the replay Best wishes Therese

  • By: Liana

    Excellent motivational program!

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Barbara Hannah Grufferman