Talk Title: 5 Actionable Tips for an Ageless body, Fat Loss, and Boundless Energy after 40.

Erin has been a treating Physical Therapist for the last 18 years and is also a Certified Pilates instructor and Primal Blueprint Certified Expert.  Her true passion is to spread the word that we can all optimize our gene expression to not only look younger, but for fat loss, boundless energy and a pain free life. Erin is 42 years old and most people think she is still in her 20’s – she is living proof her program works…




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  • By: L M

    Find no way for free gift offered.

  • By: Lola Pullen

    I have already purchased Toned In Ten….love it 🙂

    Was looking forward to the 3 day detox but it is not listed on the link 🙁

  • By: Sue

    I don’t see it for any of
    the speakers. Is it only if
    you buy the package?

  • Hola Layla,My father was born and raised in Argentina (hey Vanessa!), and he taught me how to make empanadas. I use a different dough recipe, but I see that yours has an egg, which must make the dough a bit more elastic. I’ll give it a try next time. Thanas!!Ciao,Skndy

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