Talk Title: Is Ageism Sabotaging Your Health

Kay Van Norman is an internationally known writer, speaker and wellness consultant committed to promoting lifelong vitality and translating the global need for healthy aging into business development opportunities for diverse industries. Founder and President of consulting firm, Brilliant Aging, she directed the Keiser Institute on Aging for 3 years, and currently serves on the International Council on Active Aging and American Senior Fitness Association boards.  

An international thought leader in healthy aging, Kay has written two books, several chapters and scores of journal articles on aging well, and has helped mobilize global action around issues such as whole person wellness, ageism, fall prevention, and reducing hospital readmissions.  In 2011 her book, Exercise and Wellness for Older Adults, was translated into Chinese, and in 2012 she co-wrote a chapter on ageism for the Global Forum on Ageing book, Global Ageing-Peril or Promise.

Kay is well known for her ability to recognize important industry trends and for working with world renowned researchers, industry leaders, and practitioners from multiple disciplines to translate research into actionable tools and initiatives. Kay is currently working to help private business mobilize healthy aging initiatives – consistent with their brand identity – that grow revenue, build customer loyalty, and have a positive community impact.

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  • By: Gerri sovak

    Wonderful ! I’m 80 I tap, clog, jazz, tennis, golf, yoga. Do what she says; she is telling the truth. Gerri

  • By: Tommy McGuire

    Thank you so much for an informative, positive, conversation. Kay is Awesome! “Take Age out of the equation” I got it!

  • By: Barbara

    Isn’t it ridiculous how brain-washed we can get? The media, advertisers,
    most traditional physicians, designers, tell us we’re at that age and to expect
    to be less capable than we used to be. So, we prove them right. As Kay said,
    “The goal is to live your life fully.” We need to stop believing the naysayers
    and learn from others who are living their vibrant lives well into their eighties
    and nineties. We can’t be sideliners, we have to participate in our lives.
    Thank you Kay for a wonderful discussion.

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